A Retrospective Course Survey of Graduates to Analyse Competencies in Software Engineering

Autoren: Carolin Gold, Yvonne Sedelmaier, Jörg Abke

A Retrospective Course Survey of Graduates to Analyse Competencies in Software Engineering. In: 5th Global Engineering Education Conference (EDUCON). IEEE, S. 100–106.

Abstract— University education in Software Engineering is a challenge for both lecturers and students. Software Engineering is a very complex theme requiring various technical and non- technical skills. At the beginning of  a  research  project  we asked which competencies our graduates need in their everyday working life.

In this paper the course survey of graduates  is  described  to  gain information about necessary expert and interdisciplinary competencies. First of all, the conceptual approach and the research goals are explained. In a second step the research  design in detail will be illustrated. Afterwards analyses take  place considering this survey in order to get information con- cerning competencies and to evaluate the course retrospectively considering this expertise. Furthermore it is required to deter- mine whether improvements or deteriorations in chronological sequence through the semesters can be detected. The students’ attitude towards this course is not that positive, so also the  survey includes this bias. But, as the learning and teaching arrangement shall be designed more attractive for students as well, first their evaluation has to be analysed. The last chapter provides a summary and an outlook how the results of this survey will be used to improve the quality of teaching.

All of this combined is intended to contribute towards the development of a Competency  Profile  and  in  a  wider context to reach the top goal of the project, to obtain recommendations for teaching and learning methods to improve the quality of teaching.